What makes you different from every other Officiant in the area?

Our Officiants have performed many weddings and are great public speakers. We are also the largest agency in Central Indiana with 15 Officiants available. You can be assured that you will have a variety of Officiants to choose from, as well as the protection of our Officiant Guarantee.

How long have you been officiating?

Most of our Officiants have been performing wedding ceremonies for two or more years. We have verified their ordination credentials to assure that your Officiant can legally solemnize marriage ceremonies in the State of Indiana. They each also possess a good speaking voice and feel comfortable speaking in front of large crowds. Another requirement of our Officiants is to participate in continued education training to learn and incorporate traditions from various faiths and cultures. Our commitment is to creating a unique, memorable ceremony for every couple we are honored to serve.

Are there any pre-marital counseling or classes required?

No! While some of our Officiants offer this service, you are not required to attending counseling, classes, buy books or join a congregation. We only require that you present a valid marriage license from the state of Indiana prior to your wedding.

Will you help us with writing our vows and ceremony?

Absolutely! Your Officiant will work with you to personalize your ceremony, offering suggestions and ideas based upon your requests and their experience. Our goal is to provide a unique experience that reflects your values and style.

Where do we get our Marriage License?

To obtain an Indiana marriage license, the couple must visit the local County Clerk's office to obtain your license in person.

Do you have a Justice of the Peace to officiate for us?

In the State of Indiana, the term "justices of the peace" often refers to Judges or Clerks who perform the simplest service to make it official at your local courthouse or town hall. That being said, many cities and counties no longer offer this service due to budget issues. We do officiate ceremonies that are "civil" or "secular" in nature, as we have either a Minister or Judge who is willing and available to serve any couple presenting a valid marriage license.

Where do we apply for the marriage license and how do we file the marriage certificate?

You must apply in person for your license at the County Clerks office where you reside. This Indiana license will allow you to be married anywhere in the state of Indiana. We ask you to bring the marriage documents to the rehearsal or ceremony. We will complete and sign your license after the ceremony and submit it to the appropriate county clerk shortly after your wedding day.

What cultures and beliefs are you willing to serve?

Pretty much anyone. As we have a variety of Officiants, we have yet to encounter a request that they could or would not fulfill. We have performed weddings in barns, near a lake, on a horse carriage, interfaith ceremonies, themed weddings, bilingual weddings, etc. Just let us know what you are searching for and we will do our best to accommodate your request!

How long is the ceremony?

Ceremonies vary in length, but the traditional ceremony typically lasts about 20 minutes. We allow the couple to choose how long they want their ceremony to be according to their selections of traditions, readings and other elements.

Should we invite the Officiant to our reception?

You are welcome to invite us, but it is not required. Sometimes an Officiant may have other commitments to attend to shortly after your wedding, so they may humbly decline. Other times, you may create such an intimate connection with your Officiant that you want them to stay for the reception, perhaps even offering a blessing for the meal!

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