Making Dreams Come True

If you are seeking an Indianapolis wedding officiant, you have come to the right place! Our wedding ceremony officiants are dedicated professionals who will care about making every detail of your wedding ceremony just perfect.


A wedding minister is more than just the person who says a few words to make it legal; they help couples join their lives into one. Perhaps you're not religious and just want a civil wedding; that is fine with us!

If you are seeking an Indianapolis wedding officiant, wedding minister, marriage officiant or a wedding officiant in Indiana, give us a call and let's talk about your ideas. We'll make it easy for you!

Turning a Vision into Reality


In Indianapolis, the City-County Building no longer offers Justice of the Peace weddings, except for on Valentines Day. We are Marion County Marriage Officials who serve in the same capacity. Indianapolis is not alone, as several counties throughout Indiana no longer offer courthouse wedding ceremonies. Clergy, Mayors, Judges and some Clerks are authorized to serve as marriage officials in Indiana.

You can still have your non religious wedding in Indiana with one of our marriage officials. They are happy to help any couple get married. 

We also have Officiants who are willing to perform Commitment Ceremonies and/or Blessings for those Couples who choose not to be legally married in Indiana.

All Inclusive


Seeking a Spanish-speaking minister in Indianapolis for your bilingual wedding? We have Officiants from Latin American who are natural, fluent Spanish-speakers (bodas en espanol indianapolis, jueces de paz en indianapolis).

As of October 6th, 2014, LGBTQ Weddings are now legal in Indiana. We have Officiants who will be happy to perform your Same-Sex Wedding at our downtown office in Indianapolis, or any location of your choice throughout Indiana.

We offer a variety of Officiants, such as ministers, pastors, reverends, preachers, priests, rabbis, imams, pundits and other clergy, as well as judges and officials who are authorized to perform wedding ceremonies in Indiana.

We do not represent any single church or faith as our goal is to serve all Couples who wish to be joined in marriage, regardless of their culture or beliefs.

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